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The internet has dramatically changed the way companies of all sizes do business. From the smallest family-owned business to the largest Fortune 500 Company, the internet has made it possible to grow and connect with customers both around the corner in Kalamazoo and around the world. Reaching customers on the internet however, requires a different approach to marketing your business than traditional approaches.

In today’s crowded marketplace, being found online is a necessity for your long-term success. Content is the single most important thing on your website. Relevant, interesting content is what draws visitors to your site and sets you apart from the competition. Quality content is the reason visitors come to your site and it’s also why other sites will want to link to you. These links are part of why search engines will suggest your site to their users in search results.

Creating and Publishing High-Quality Content Can:

  • Attract new and returning customers
  • Help your customers solve their problems
  • Educate buyers about your products or services
  • Establish your credibility, trust, and authority
  • Communicate your brand story
  • Create ‘buzz’ using social media networks
  • Build a base of engaged followers and customers

When writing content for your website, the most important thing to keep in mind is your audience. Your audience is the customers you want to attract to your brand. Write with them in mind not search engine spiders! Savvy business owners plan for search engine optimization but keep their human audience in mind when writing content.

Getting the language right is also critical to communicating your message. Use plain language, conversational tones, and engaging themes. Using plain language doesn’t mean you need to dumb down your content – it means using words your customers are likely to know and understand. If they have to work to figure out what your industry jargon means, they won’t keep reading – let alone do business with you. Likewise, if your target customer has a technical background, your content needs to be written with language they know and expect.

If writing content for your business website sounds like a lot of extra work, you’re right. Creating and publishing a steady stream of interesting, relevant, engaging content takes time, planning, and expertise. You’re busy running your business and you may not have existing staff with the time and skill to keep up with creating and posting new content. That’s why many business owners collaborate with content marketing experts to help create and publish content for them.

A well-executed content marketing plan can produce a significant return on your investment. You know the online marketplace is highly competitive, so you need an effective strategy to get the best return on your investment. Kalamazoo SEO for Growth can help you develop an effective content marketing plan tailored to meet your business goals.

We Develop Content Marketing Plans Focused On:

1. Quality Content

Quality content establishes your brand as a business leader and trustworthy resource in your industry. Quality content helps separate you from your competition and the right content helps you build a relationship with visitors.

2. Relevant Content

Today’s customers expect more than just a product or service. Successful brands make their customer’s lives easier by providing relevant content that provides answers to their questions or problems. Focusing on your audience and their needs and pain points is a must when thinking about the type of content you create.

3. A Strategic Keyword Plan

Keywords are the words and phrases people type into search engines when looking for an answer to their question. Bringing traffic to your website requires that you have a good keyword plan. In order for your content to be most effective, this should be in place before you start creating and posting.

 4. CommunityFocused Content

For a locally focused business, content is best focused on local customers and the local community. Being involved with and investing in local organizations and businesses can earn your business valuable links and internet traffic.

An Effective Content Marketing Strategy Needs Variety

An effective content marketing strategy requires content in multiple formats published on multiple platforms based on who your ideal customers are. Kalamazoo SEO for Growth offers a range of services related to content creation including:

Blog Posts – Blog posts live on your website and should be published on a regular basis to attract new and returning visitors. When you share engaging content with your audience, they will be inclined to share your posts with their friends on social media. Our experts write, optimize, and promote blog posts that are relevant to your business and interesting to your target audience.

Premium Content Creation – We create content to be used with your offers and calls to actions. Some examples of content include white papers, press releases, e-newsletters, articles, infographics, podcasts, photos, original reports and webinars.

Audio/Video Production – Videos are a highly engaging content medium that are shareable across social media platforms and websites alike. Our experts can develop video content for your website, blogs, and social media sites. Services include video creation, editing and/or conversion from existing media to a format suitable for the web; picture clean up and enhancement; photography; audio recording for podcasting; and voice over services. We also optimize and promote the videos and podcasts.

It takes time, organization, and creativity to develop a successful content marketing strategy. We keep the big picture in mind and make your content work for your brand. Our content marketing services will improve your SEO while developing your unique brand. Whether you are new to content marketing or want to improve what you already have in place, Kalamazoo SEO for Growth can create a content marketing strategy to achieve your goals.

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