7 Experts Define the Website Design Elements Needed for Better Conversion Rates

There are always new and “improved” methods when it comes to website design. Of course, they are all worth taking a look at, but you should be careful adopting them just because they look prettier.

If they don’t contribute to the user experience, and even more importantly, improve lead conversions, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. This warning is not only for the bright and shiny advancements either. Even design that has worked well in the past can stop working to your advantage.

This article provides input from seven reliable sources on ways to design a website for maximum conversion rates. See if you can spot 3-4 common themes and then check to see if your site is implementing them.

1.     Vende Social: Website Elements to Keep or Trash

Vende Social lists some website elements that are effective, as well as some that you may want to get rid of.

Keeping features such as site search, image zoom and a prominent display of all contact information will encourage users to not only remain on your site longer; they can increase the interaction and conversions.

On the other hand, items like generic or confusing CTAs, stock photos or huge blocks of boring content will actually hurt your conversion rate.

Website elements for better conversion

2.     Boulder SEO Expert: Important Website Elements for Local Businesses

This YouTube video from the Boulder SEO Expert highlights website features that are critical for small and local businesses. It concentrates on those companies with a brick and mortar presence that provides local services and how they can optimize their website to drive lead conversions. The video covers important elements like easy navigation, clear contact and CTA information and testimonials.

3.     SEO Hacker: 12 Key Elements for Improved Conversion

This post expands on the features necessary for optimal conversion rates. It describes how the following 12 elements can convert visitors to customers:

  • Web design
  • Content
  • Website speed
  • SEO
  • Contact page
  • Team profile
  • Clients page
  • Jobs page
  • Testimonials
  • User signup/form completion
  • Trust marks
  • Clear steps

SEO Hacker

4.     Devrix: 5 Website Elements You Must Optimize to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Presented here is an infographic that depicts the elements that are important to optimizing the conversion rate for visitors. It also explains why this is so critical to your business. 

Website elements for better conversion


5.     WPHero: Increase Your Website Conversion with These 5 Simple Elements

This blog provides a slightly different viewpoint on how to optimize your website for better conversion. Besides advising on including clear CTAs and impelling visuals, it stresses the importance of a compelling headline, clearly showing the value of your product or service, and providing social proof to gain trust.

6.     Conversionxl: How to Design a Home Page That Converts

CXL focuses on a website’s home page and how to optimize it for increased conversion rates. It explains how to best develop and use the following to get the most out of your home page and convert your visitors to customers.

  • Map out buyer personas
  • Craft a value proposition
  • Build a connection
  • Use proper visuals
  • Define most wanted action
  • Create call to action
  • Write user oriented copy
  • Add trust elements
  • Test length
  • Check load speed

7.     imForza: 6 Key Components of a Conversion Friendly Website

imForza defines a conversion friendly website as:

“designed, develop and populated with content that entices visitors to perform an action that you have determined to be valuable to your business.”

They then proceed to fully explain how to go about accomplishing this goal.

Website elements for better conversion


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